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Coffee beans are processed in the country of origin up to the stage where they are ready to roast. Once harvested and processed, the raw green beans are ready to be shipped around the world.

In this raw green state, coffee beans keep really well, it is only once roasted they firstly improve and then degrade as time goes by.

At Waveney Valley Coffee, we strive to roast each bean to a profile which unlocks the flavour within. Timing and temperature is everything.

Coffee bean roast levels

Examples of roast levels from green to dark

Roasting Methods

In large commercial roasters, like most bulk produced items there are things that are sacrificed for ease of production, for ease of replication and for the sole purpose to lower costs. This works well for average, run of the mill coffee and some such places produce coffee of a perfectly acceptable nature. But.. like a fine crafted beer, brewed in a microbrewery, lovingly brewed with more attention to the quality of the product, where output is less, but quality it higher. That's exactly what we aim to achieve at Waveney Valley Coffee.

We roast micro batches, where we can roast to an exacting profile, time and time again. This allows us to seek the perfect roast for each batch of beans.  

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