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Triple Blended Coffee Beans
Why Us?

Waveney Valley Coffee was founded from a passion for drinking high quality coffee. Tired of getting stale, badly roasted, and often cheap beans sold at premium prices,  the founder started roasting coffee beans for his own pleasure, giving the ability to control the quality all the way from raw beans, through to how the coffee is roasted, as well as being able to ensure the beans are ethically grown in accordance with Forestry Stewardship Certification, or Rain Forest Alliance.

It wasn't long before those who tried the coffee were asking for it to be sold commercially. For a number of years this was just not possible. Eventually after many requests, we decided to take the plunge and invested in larger roaster and other equipment needed to roast and sell high quality coffee beans.


Why would you buy from us?

We aim to give you top quality coffee all the time. It is as simple as that.

We only buy top of the line beans, graded as specialty grades. Even our blends are only made from specialty grade coffee, and we carefully hand roast them in small batches.

A huge amount of coffee bean suppliers buy a mix of higher grade Arabica (some of which will be specialty grade) but then these are bulked up with cheap grade commodity beans and Robusta beans, which can be less than a third of the cost of good beans. 


Our beans are graded as specialty beans, these are the best quality beans with the best flavour. Our beans are traceable back to source, often to single growers or small co-operative groups of growers.  One of our aims is to support the smaller growers, who are often the ones producing the most excellent coffee.

We aim to support projects which help farmers in places such as Peru to grow top quality coffee, rather than the more illicit types of crop grown in some of these regions.

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