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The grinding of your coffee beans is possible the most important step to achieve the perfect cup. We have listed some of the most essential tips of how to grind your beans.

Grinding beans yourself is essential to get the prefect cup of coffee, once ground coffee degrades very quickly, so if you want to taste the best from your coffee, invest in a decent burr grinder, in which you can select the correct grind for the brewing method you are using.  Also as different beans will grind differently, you may need to adjust your grinder regularly.  

Top Tips

There aren't many....

  • Grind as much as you need, just before you brew

Do not "pre-grind" your coffee. If you have purchased good quality beans, roasted to perfection, stored well it is then madness to grind them before you intend to use them. Ground coffee goes stale very quickly. Air is the enemy of coffee, and while your beans are whole, they will store well in an airtight container. As soon as you grind them, all the aroma and taste molecules are being attacked by oxygen present in the air. 


  • Grind Type

Grind consistently - this means buying a good grinder. Buy a burr grinder, it's what you will end up with eventually. Save yourself the time and the money buying anything else.


​Coarse: French Press and percolator type machines


Medium: Drip coffee and French press


Fine: Espresso manual


Very fine: Espresso machine


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Super fine/Turkish: Turkish

To grind to a set level consistently - use a burr grinder only.


Like many parts of coffee drinking, these are only guides, you will find the perfect grind for your favourite brewing method, mainly by experimentation. This is why having your own grinder is doubly as important. Not only will you get fresher coffee, but you can adjust the grind to suit you and after all, its you that is drinking the coffee.


As you will see French press can be course or medium grind - much depends on the coffee and your preferred results, espresso which is very common can be anything from fine to very fine, depending on the coffee and whether it is a manual or automatic process. 

Experiment, see what you like. This is easy with an on demand burr grinder which will grind you a set amount for each dose of coffee. Once you find your ideal grind, make a note of how long your coffee brews for, how long your espresso machine takes to produce a shot and then you will be able to make fine adjustments as your coffee changes, and end up with a cup of coffee that you love. Time and time again. 

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