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Papua New Guinea - Madan AA

Papua New Guinea - Madan AA

Papua New Guinea is a unique island nation, situated on the eastern reaches of the Indonesian archipelago. Home to nearly 7 million people with 800 different languages.


Papua New Guinea is truly a nation secluded from the rest of the world, and a land of tribes.

There are two hubs for coffee production in this unique origin – Goroka in the Eastern Highlands and Mt. Hagen in the Western Highlands. Throughout the land between these two central cities, you will find collections of hidden coffee gardens, grasslands, and plantation blocks dotted between braiding rivers, surrounded by towering mountain ranges. This area is Wahgi Valley, and the source of this coffee.

The Valley is home to some of the most beautiful Birds of Paradise, such as the red Raggiana (Paradisaea raggianna) and the yellow Greater Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea apoda apoda). The culture here is rich, with colorful ceremonies called Sing Sings utilizing the feathers of the many bird species in the area. In 1929, Coffeea Stenophylla reached the research station at Wau, and spread throughout the Valley.

Today, the Madan Estate has modern wet and dry milling facilities with efficient machinery and technology with large wooden seasoning boxes for resting coffee after processing is complete.  The Madan Estate also works with the surrounding tribes growing coffee, assisting them with the processing of their coffee. With their support, tribal producers are beginning to learn how to become more efficient producers, growing higher quality coffee and earning more thanks to increased market access.

Madan Estate is truly a magnificent farm, setting examples for other farms throughout the region to grow high quality coffee within the beautiful nature of the Waghi Valley.

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