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Monsoon Malabar AA

Monsoon Malabar AA

One of India’s finest coffees, a must try for your taste buds!!

The origins of Monsoon Malabar date back to the times of the British Raj, when during the months that the beans were transported by sea from India to Europe the beans aged giving them a unique flavour. In the old days, the beans were transported from India to Europe on open wooden vessels, taking almost six months to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.


During this long voyage, the coffee beans were exposed to humidity and different temperatures/conditions, and they underwent characteristic changes. The beans changed in size, texture, and appearance, both as beans and in the flavour found in the cup. When modern transportation reduced the length of this journey and better protected the beans from weathering and humidity, the coffee beans then arriving in lacked the depth and character of the coffee previously received, and so the process of storing and aging the beans in open sided barns was created, giving us the wonderful flavour of Monsoon Malabar.

  • India

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