This is one of the lots that have come from a group of small farmers in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia. With the changes to export laws in Ethiopia, small producers are now able to market their coffee directly, but this is still very challenging, and few have access to capital to make this happen. Buriso Dambi is a processed natural coffee with a clean, fruity profile. It is named after the farmer, Buriso Amaje, and Dambi, the name of the village where his farm is located in north-west Ethiopia. The lot numbers refer to drying stations on the farm – Buriso has two sites on
his 10ha farm.


The coffee is grown in fertile loam soil at 1950-2200masl and is interplanted with other trees, such as enset (Ethiopian or ‘false’ banana), avocado, Albizia and Sesbania, which provide shade.

The coffee is processed and dried at Buriso’s family home and like many small producers in Ethiopia, Buriso is still producing only natural coffee, since that is the tradition and they don’t have access to a pulping machine.


Ethiopian - Buriso Dambi Lot#2

  • Country


  • Process

    Washed and hand picked

  • Variety

    Local varietals (Heirlooms)

  • Cup Profile

    Jasmine floral, earl grey tea, vanilla, stone fruit and dark chocolate with delicate silky creamy mouthfeel
    Altitude 1950-2200
    Process Natural
    Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varietals
    Available Date 22/07/2021

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